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134 Webster, 26 Lawrence, 74 Victoria, & 80 Victoria Community

Residence Hall community for 134 Webster, 26 Lawrence and 74 & 80 Victoria.

A Better Tomorrow Fund

A Better Tomorrow works to support pediatric cancer patients battling cancer. We open our hearts to make a difference in the lives of local patients and their families. Come join us in our fight against cancer!

Accounting & Finance Club (AFC)

The Accounting and Finance Club works with the accounting, finance, and other business programs to explore options for careers in the financial world.

Administration of Justice Club (ADJ)

The Administration of Justice Club engages students of all disciplines interested in law, law enforcement, and other related aspects by holding guest speakers, fundraisers, and going on outings!

AIGA (Graphic Design) (AIGA)

The AIGA student group works to educate students outside of the classroom to be prepared for the professional design world.


The Alliance provides a safe place for LGBTQ students and allies to support each other, partake in social activities, and create a platform for activism.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

The American Marketing Association is a professional organization for students interested in furthering their study and practice of marketing.

American Sign Language Club (ASL)

The American Sign Language Club is an organization for members of the Salve Regina community who have a strong interest in learning about the deaf/hard-of-hearing culture as well as their method of communication, American Sign Language.

Art & Art History Guild

The Art & Art History Guild is a club for any artist - major, minor or not. The club provides an artistic outlet and network for all students. Our goal is to bring out the creative abilities of the Salve Regina community and help them shine on campus.

Best Buddies

The Best Buddies Club on the Salve Regina campus develops friendships with members of the community who have intellectual and developmental disabilities through integration and inclusion.

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